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Holly was born on 11th January, 1978.

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but they seem to have fallen by
the way side.

"Channel You Ambassador Holly Brisley is typical of the new time-poor and increasingly discerning television watchers."

“My job involves a lot of time on the road and in hotel rooms. I love Ugly Betty – so having the box set with me is much better than trying to organise my schedule around when it’s on television,”

“When I’m home, I also love having friends over to watch four or five episodes in a row – catching up, talking about the show, the characters and the plot. It’s like social cinema – and a good way to combine the two things I love – my girlfriends – and my favourite shows.”


Ambassador For Girls Night In
Holly Brisley - Cancer Council Event 2003



  • BeastMaster - Holly as "Kodo" in the episode "The Prize".


Holly & AGRO



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- Excellent collection of Mag Scans

High-Res downloads via thumbnails of thumbnails.

Similar mag scans :- Holly Brisley Nude ! Black and White mag


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